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Introducing the technology for which RegeNephro has applied for a patent.

Nephron progenitor cells (NPCs) (core seeds technology)

The team of our chief scientific advisor has developed an intermediate mesoderm that faithfully reproduces the developmental process from pluripotent stem cells and a highly efficient method for inducing differentiation of intermediate mesoderm into NPCs. They also showed that cell therapy with NPCs is effective in several mouse models of renal disease. Currently, a patent is pending for the differentiation induction method. According...

Erythropoietin (EPO) -producing cells

The team of our chief scientific advisor has succeeded in inducing the first differentiation of pluripotent stem cells that produce EPO. They also showed that the cell transplantation is effective in treating renal anemia in a mouse model. It is expected as a new therapy for renal anemia that enables physiological control. A patent has been obtained for the method of inducing erythropoietin-producing...

Ureteral blast cells

The team of our chief scientific advisor has succeeded in inducing highly efficient differentiation of ureteral embryonic tissue from pluripotent stem cells for the first time. Ureter buds are fetal precursors that derive the lower urinary tract from the collecting duct to part of the bladder. Together with nephron progenitor cells, it will be a basic technology for renal organ reconstruction. Currently, a...