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2006 First identification of pluripotent NPCs
2012 Differentiated erythropoietin-producing cells from human iPS cells for the first time, and showed that its transplantation can cure anemia of renal anemia model mice
2013 Developed the method to induce differentiation of human iPS cells to renal cells and first succeeded in producing three-dimensional mini-kidney tissue
2015 Demonstrated cell therapy of NPCs prepared from human iPS cells reduced renal damage in AKI model mice (ischemia-reperfusion model)
2017 Developed a method to induce NPCs from human iPS cells with high efficiency
For the first time, we succeeded in inducing highly efficient differentiation of ureteric bud, a precursor cell that derives the lower urinary tract from human iPS cells
2018 Demonstrated Reducing renal injury in acute renal injury model mice (drug-induced renal injury model) by cell therapy of human iPS cells deived-NPCs
Successful expansion of human iPS cell-derived NPCs over 100 times by the expansion culture method
A cell surface antigen of human iPS cell-derived NPCs was identified and an isolation method was developed
Developed a cryopreservation method that maintains approximately 70% survival rate of human iPS cell-derived NPCs
Started joint development of a transplantation device
2019 September 20, 2019 Established RegeNephron Co., Ltd.
2020 February 26, 2020 Changed the company name to Rege Nephro Co., Ltd.